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One of the most important elements of a successful campaign is the management of voter data. Knowing your voter is one thing, but knowing what do with your voter data is what really defines the extent of your politician-voter conversation. Knowing and engaging your voters as people is will ensure that they invest in you and have a vested interest in your success.

Trail BlazerĀ® is a fully integrated campaign management software package that provides unlimited features and capabilities in the areas of grass roots campaign support, contribution tracking, financial management, GOTV, and r management for winning your election.Ā  Trail Blazer will help you pull YOUR voters on election day

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Use Trail Blazer software:

  • during an election campaign, identify your supporters and ensure they are the ones who vote on election day
  • once you are elected, develop your relationships with your constituents by being responsive to their issues and by keeping them informed of your activities
  • manage your volunteer database
  • target your emails and mail to the appropriate audience
  • automate lawn sign mapping and driving directions so you can quickly identify installation locations



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Trail Blazer

Trail Blazer

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