Email Surveys

Conducting online surveys gives you insight, new ideas, and feedback on the issues of the day.  They help you engage the voters by soliciting their opinions.  You'll make more informed decisions and your campaign will be more responsive - because you'll have a broader, more representative view of what the voters really think about you, the issues, your opponents, and your campaign.

Survey features and benefits include:

  1. create online surveys quickley, with our step-by-step Survey Wizard — or create your survey from scratch
  2. choose from more than 40 professionally-written survey templates
  3. interpret results fast with easy-to-read graphs and charts
  4. export results in Excel for comparison over time
  5. view summary or drill-down to individual survey responses
  6. uncover revealing trends and patterns with powerful filtering options
  7. create targeted email lists based on survey responses, and then follow-up with relevant communications



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