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Campaign Brain HQ puts everything you need to manage your campaign together in an integrated, centralized place.  Everyone stays connected and informed. It's like having everyone in the same office - even when they’re on the road.

Share documents, coordinate calendars, manage tasks, build web databases, follow discussions, make announcements and run your campaign on the web. You can even restrict  access to sensitive files to certain people.

CBHQ Contact Manager makes it easy to store and organize all of your contact information and to share it with your team.   Synchronize your contact list with your Palm® handheld device or Microsoft® Outlook.

CBHQ Discussions allows you to exchange important ideas, suggestions, and information within a group easily and securely.   

CBHQ Online Calendar makes it easy for your entire campaign team to stay on schedule and organized, making everyone in your campaign more productive.  Securely and easily organize meetings and events, schedule appointments, manage deadlines, and more - all right from your desktop. Synchronize your calendar list with your Palm® handheld device or Microsoft® Outlook.




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